Our Services

Sales Distribution

Exposing your brand to customers in China

Brand Strategy & Marketing

Develop brand strategy, manage social media,connect influencers, SEO, SEM, for the Chinese market


We help your brand connect with your customers in their native tongue

Web Development

China website development and maintenance

Warehousing & Logistics

Australian and Chinese based warehouses for order fulfilment

IP & Trademarking

Helping you protect your brand identity in China

Compliance & Labelling

Ensuring your product packaging is compliant

Customer service

Our own Mandarin speaking customer service team will communicate with your customers


Australia market has dedicated stores with the major online marketplaces in China as well as many relationships with other online stores and wholesale agents.  These dedicated stores receive thousands of Chinese customers browsing through them per hour who you would be displaying your product in front of.  Depending on the category your brand is in your products could be sold through some or all of these channels.  The best way of thinking of Australia Market is as a premium department store (e.g David’s Jones or Myer) that stocks premium Australian health and beauty products.  



We will help you develop a tailored brand strategy that considers the cultural and buying habit differences between Chinese and Western consumers. Part of this strategy includes carefully placing your products into marketplaces and/or retail stores that are aligned with your brand values and goals.

Our dedicated marketing specialists will set up and run social media campaigns, search engine marketing and within-marketplace advertising for your brand.  Such campaigns will span across, but not be limited to:

  • Youku
  • We Chat
  • Weibo



We’ll translate all your English documents, certificates and product information so you can save your precious time. We’ll also communicate your brand to your customers in their native tongue so language is no longer a barrier to bring you closer.


When setting up a website in China there are a few things to consider that are different to a website in Western Markets, namely:

  • Geographic position of the server
  • Type of e-commerce backend (various platforms are favoured over others)
  • Localised SEO techniques with website content


With warehouse solutions in both Sydney and China we can ensure your products reach customers in the most economical and reliable way possible.  Given the importance of authenticity in the Chinese market we ensure all of our logistics are carried out in a highly secure and controlled manner which is then clearly conveyed to our Chinese customer base providing them with greater confidence to purchase your products.


There are several IP & Trademarking issues to consider before entering into the Chinese market (and other markets) in order to ensure you do not infringe upon anyone else’s trademark and to adequately protect your brand. Australia Market can set up both your Australian, Chinese and other international trademark applications/registrations to give you peace of mind you are protected from day 1.


With so much legal literature available online these days moving into a new market can be a little daunting when it comes to ensuring packaging is compliant with local regulations/laws. We will perform a thorough label review and advise on anything that may need to change to meet Chinese regulations.  We will also advise on additional things that could be added to your packaging to make them more favourable in the Chinese market.


Our dedicated customer service team will ensure your customers receive quick and reliable communication about your products.  Each customer service representative can speak Mandarin and English and are trained to convert customer enquiries into sales and positive customer experiences.

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